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Re: How Tech Companies Conquered America’s Cities

See the NYT article here.

What a poorly informed analysis this article reflects. Without necessarily defending this recent Israeli legislation, to compare the it and the motivation behind it to the nativist attitudes on the rise in the US and Europe is astonishing. This legislation is ENTIRELY the result of the historical persecution of Jews at the hands of nativists. It is motivated by self-preservation and survival, not prejudice (yes, I can hear the nativists protesting that is all they want too, but they have not been hated for millennia and the victims of a documented holocaust). As I Jew, I would prefer to see Ben-Gurion's philosophy prevail and I believe the democracy depends on diversity and respecting the identity of all, but I understand why this legislation happened and I cannot remain silent when a false equivalence is put forth by the New York Times, THAT is false news and does a real disservice to a complex issue. . .


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