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Regarding: Lessons From My Grandma on Art, Sex and Life

See the New York Times Article here.

Dear Bret: Well amazing--I never connected you to Annette, although I knew Cherry (and Vivi), and of course, Annette--she was my grandmother's (Ann Goldfarb), best friend. My grandparents also lived in Mexico for many years and we would visit them often. I remember racing up and down the spiral staircase in her amazing apartment overlooking the Angel in Mexico City (the enormous painting of her with a different face hung over the sofa in the living room) and staying with my family at her house in Acapulco when I was very young. Annette and my grandmother were adventurous, courageous, fun, independent women. They were unusual for the time (and would be now). Their example of limitless possibility (not financially--however lucky they were in that regard, but attitudinally) formed the woman I became (although I am not nearly as much fun . . .). Chris Desser


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