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Re: Edward Enninful Is Named Editor in Chief at British Vogue

See the NYT article here. Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris

Charles Enninful's recent appointment to Editor in Chief of British Vogue is great step back for an iconic magazine (“An Unlikely Journey to Hanover Square?" News article April 30). How is it that there was not a highly qualified woman for a magazine aimed so squarely at a female audience? (70% of British Vogue's readers are women between 26-38 according to Vogue's own advertising materials)? Mr. Enninful now joins four other male Vogue Editors in Chief (Middle East, Italy, Korea and Thailand), two recently appointed. Although Mr. Enninful’s appointment has been hailed as barrier breaking with regard to race and gender, as men enter jobs traditionally held by women, women suffer, not only losing jobs but earning less. Now comes this disturbing trend at Conde Nast in industry with precious few female executives in a world with even fewer.


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