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Re: Gavin Newsom's Housing Hammer

See the SF Chronicle article here.

NO!!!! Those of us who live in rural and "semi-rural areas and care about maintaining locally owned farms, ranches and dairies have a right to a voice too and decision making too! Those of us who care about intact ecosystems and environmental sustainability have a voice too! Ag land and public parks constitute much of Marin--I suspect that this is why Marin "fell short" of "needed housing production" (determined by who?). A local economy with any ag component, as opposed to a tech driven one, needs open space, not rabbit -warren housing. And again, there is a failure to actually connect the issue to water of which, here in California, we have precious little of. Our towns, cities, indeed the state, are at or beyond sustainable carrying capacity--we need to recognize this fact instead of pushing for more people, more housing, more jobs. The human toll--increased stress, anger, incivility, wasted time-- of these increasing crowds everywhere is tremendous--like flying the cheap seats in coach every moment of every day.


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