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Re: New effort to Require Caltrans to Consider bikes, buses and pedestrians in plans

See the SF Chronicle article here. Photo: Santiago Mejia / The Chronicle

. . . once again, I wonder what city Weiner lives in. SF streets are already car unfriendly and the traffic is untenable. Parking spots have been removed to create what are essentially private seating areas by cafes in public space; Van Ness is nigh impassable--no left turns, blocked lanes, ridiculous; in many critical streets, Pine for example, a lane has been reserved for busses and taxis--but it is often empty; Market Street? You've gotta be kidding. Meanwhile bikers ride with impunity, ignoring signals and stop-signs and busses rarely pull over into designated bus zone when stopping--they just block traffic (while if a car is parked in one, a hefty ticket is given). While drivers are not blameless, many pedestrians can hardly be bothered to look up from their cell phones when crossing the street (with the signal or not)--no wonder there are accidents and deaths. We do not need more legislation--traffic and safety would be vastly improved if drivers and pedestrians paid attention to what they are doing and followed the laws. Leave Caltrans out of this and stop trying to turn the legislature to some sort of politburo regulating local issues from afar . . .


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