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Regarding: Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s Enduring San Francisco

See the New York Times Article here. Photo by Stacy Lewis

The San Francisco that the wonderful Mr. Ferlinghetti treasures is just about gone having all but given way to a deadening tech culture that shares none of the values that made the city the interesting, vibrant and diverse place it once was. Jack Kerouac could probably not afford to live here and once he "got" here, and would soon discover that "the joy . . .kicks . . . something burning in the night” isn't anymore. It is a less and less "strange" place. The resulting homogeneity is "weird" all right, but not the kind of weird the poet is referring to. Creepy is more apt. I wonder how Mr. Ferlinghetti felt when he found out the article was for the travel section after all . . .


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